Window Balcony Lock - White

Window Balcony Lock - White

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Product Description

Window  Balcony Lock – White

Child Safety Window Lock (or rather a restrictor) will assist you in keeping your windows safe for your kids. Young children are naturally curious and are attracted to an open window. Even an opening of just 5 inches poses a danger to toddlers and children under the age of 10. Window falls can cause serious injuries, yet they can be prevented.

Key Features:

  • Simple operation by means of push-button OR key locking
  • Easy to install
  • Can be fitted to all windows and door materials and styles with several options of fixings and anchorage
  • Safe limitation of your window opening to a maximum of 4 inches (10cm)
  • Strong and secured
  • Tested and Conforms to British Standard (BS EN 14351-1:2006)
  • Designed to withstand a minimum operating force of 1,200 Newton’s


  • Type - Lock
  • Age - 12 Months +
  • Color : white  
  • Package Size : W=16 x L=21.5 x D=3 cm

Items Included In The Package:

  • 1 Windows & Balcony Lock, Key

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Window Balcony Lock - White

Window Balcony Lock - White