Digital Tyre Air Pressure Gauge

Product Description

Product description


1. Backlit LCD display for easy reading, more intuitive and accurate.

2. Three units: PSI, kPa, bar, accurate measurement and precise switching

3. Compact size and light weight, easy to grip and operate.

4. Non-slip rubber handle design, good hand feeling, safe to use.

5. Manual on/off and automatic shutdown to save energy.

6. The LED light in the pressure gauge nozzle is convenient for night use.


Item Type:Tire Pressure Gauge

Material: ABS + rubber.

Colour: yellow.

Measuring range: 5.0-100 psi, 0.35-7.00 bar

Accuracy: ± 1 psi.

Resolution: 0.5 psi

Unit: PSI, kPa, Bar

Screen type: 22 x 12 mm LCD

Battery type: 1 x CR2032 for tyre pressure gauge, 3 x LR44 for LED.


1. Place the nozzle of the gauge over the tyre valve. Press firmly to ensure a good seal and prevent air leakage.

2. Hold the display on the valve until the display is locked on the LCD. Three units available: PSI, KPA, BAR

3. Quickly remove the pressure gauge from the valve and read the pressure.

4. The meter automatically turns off after 20 or 60 seconds after use.

5. The tyre pressure gauge can be switched off manually by pressing the red button for more than 3 seconds.

Package contents:

1 x tyre pressure gauge.

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Digital Tyre Air Pressure Gauge

Digital Tyre Air Pressure Gauge