Finger Strip Guard



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130 Aed

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Product Description:

To prevent fingers of children , up to 4 years old, from being pinched in the door. Suitable for both sides of the door . For doors with a thickness of up to 5 cm only. A door with Finger Alert strips can open up to 110 degree.


▸ Thoroughly clean the door frame.
▸ Sandpaper slightly for better adhesion of the tape.
▸ Dry well.
▸ Close the door.
▸ Lightly draw with a pencil two vertical lines, one on the door exactly 35 mm from the corner, and one on the door frame exactly 50mm from the corner.
▸ Remove the protective paper from one adhesive stip.
▸ Attach the adhesive strip to the doorframe just inside the guideline, ensuring that the bottom of the strip is no more than 5mm above the floor. 

▸ Remove the protective paper from the second adhesive strip and attach it to the door frame.
▸ To ensure correct adhesion, rub your fingers firmly up and down the adhesive strips for 2 minutes.

▸ Then close the door and do not open for at least 15 minutes