Cabinet Lock



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16 Aed

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Product Description:

Adjustable cabinet lock that will prevent little fingers from removing any dangerous items. Especially use for 2- doors with circular handles or mushroom knobs.

▸ Prevents opening of wardrobe doors.
▸ Extremely flexible to tie 2 handles together.
▸ Especially suitable for cabinets with circular handles or mushroom knobs.


▸ Press buttons on both sides to unlock.
▸ Adjust cloth band to appropriate width.  
▸ Further adjust until the product is completely straightened.

▸ Close cabinet and slide the product through the inside of the handles.

▸ The product is not to be used as a toy.
▸ Always use the product with adult supervision.
▸ This product is not a substitute for adult supervision.
▸ Discontinue use of this product if damaged or abused.

ABS Resin+ Strap.