Payment Options

Cash On Delivery

COD allows the customer to choose a product of their liking for home delivery, and pay at the time when the product has been delivered. COD seeks to curtail the risk of fraud or default.  It is some times called collect on delivery i.e. the customer order is sent to the customer via a courier and payment is made upon receipt of the order rather than in advance. At times the word “cash” can also be extended to other modes of payment such as credit card or cheque.
At DumaSafe, we believe that online buying and selling should be like real buying and selling i.e. instantaneous. Hence, if the purchaser does not make payment at time of delivery then the goods will be returned to us. The advantages of COD for buyer, however, are:

  • No need for bank cards to make payment online
  • Comfort of no payment being required at the time of ordering
  • A sense of trust is forged with the seller because the buyer only pays upon item’s delivery offers COD services to customers all over the UAE and is currently one of the largest Cash on Delivery networks in the region.

Any other form of payment i.e. DD or cheque will not be accepted by the courier agent/company rider.
The courier company will contact the buyer so as to confirm the delivery date and time. The buyer should ensure availability at the time of delivery along with the transaction amount in cash.
The buyer cannot open the package before submitting the transaction amount to the courier agent.

Online Payment accepts a variety of secure and trusted payment methods that vary depending on your country of residence. The standard available methods is Cash on Delivery (COD), and soon to start Card on Delivery for offline payments, MasterCard, and Visa.
We strive that your shopping experience stays totally secured. This way you can be sure of your financial information safety and can make worry-free transaction.

Credit Cards will soon accept Visa and MasterCard. You would be able to enter your card number via our secure server, which would encrypt all submitted information.
*For credit cards denominated in a supported currency other than your local currency, your bank or credit card company may charge fees according to the conversion rate applicable in that region.