Bulk Inquiries

At DumaSafe.com we understand all your shopping needs and strive to meet them as effectively and conveniently as possible. We understand that you think of gifting something to your family and friends, or to your corporate clients but don't find a suitable site to place bulk/customized orders that meet all your requirements at a single point contact… Stop worrying now, DumaSafe is here to meet your Bulk Ordering needs. Send us an email at info@dumasafe.com and we are at your service with an assurance of Reliable Merchants, Genuine Products, Great Prices and No Anxiety Shipping as we do for all other orders that we take.

For bulk orders, we offer many value added services:

  • Gifts & Bundling:
    We can offer you gifts and bundling of products across categories to make your bulk purchase more meaningful and easy.

  • Convenience:
    We can manage your bulk orders across categories with a single Purchase Order (PO), single payment, single checkout, and single delivery.

  • Order placement and execution:
    As an individual or an organization, you are used to placing orders with a PO and when you place bulk order with DumaSafe.com, you can pretty much stick to the same practice i.e. send us PO instead of executing your order online and we will take care of rest.

  • Payments:
    For bulk orders, you can also make payment with a cheque (payable to “Duma Safe Baby Proofing LLC”), demand draft, credit card, debit card, or net banking.

  • Pick, pack and ship:
    We offer world-class services for the fulfillment and with bulk orders we also offer custom packaging, gift-wrap, marketing inserts or any special handling for packages & deliveries.