About Us

With an ever-increasing parent population spanning the globe and an increased awareness among parents in recent years, the potential demand for child safety items is at an all-time high. The rise in educated population around the world is leading to an increase in parental awareness regarding safety.

Duma Safe was established in 2009 as the first ever baby proofing and child safety company in the Middle East. It is currently the largest supplier of child safety items in the GCC. The company offers families, schools, nurseries, hotels amongst many other clients, an ultimate satisfaction in family safety products and services to help create a safe and comfortable environment at and outside the premises.

Duma Safe has major clients in various sectors including supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, hotels, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. To name few of our clients includes ACE Hardware, Spinneys, GEANT, Hyper Panda and hotels such as Marriott, Murooj Rotana Hotel, Jumeirah Group, and many others.

Duma Safe is also the first company in the GCC to provide high quality UK manufactured window & balcony door safety locks/restrictors officially approved by the Government of Abu Dhabi. Over 1 million of these have been sold worldwide and over 220,000 only in the UAE. Other product range covers different parts of a home from kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounge areas, to external areas such as the garden, poolside fencing and cars.

Choosing Duma Safe would mean having utmost assurance of all the products that have been manufactured and sold to the parents. Through extensive designing and development of the manufactured products, the quality is guaranteed as the company uses the safest, strongest material that is tested in the best laboratories around the world.

Mission & Vision Statement

As UAE’s largest supplier of child safety products, at Duma Safe we understand the trust parents would have for our company in order to ensure the correct safety procedures and ethics of producing these products for the children. Our company takes charge of their responsibility with complete integrity as we aim to help keep parents and their kids safe.

To fulfil our mission and to provide utmost satisfaction our company works attentively and closely to look for ways to raise the bar for child safety. Additionally, Duma Safe provides parents, grandparents and childcare providers the resources they need to ensure they have the most up-to-date information on Child Safety.

We aim to grow and keep our position as the leading Child-Safety distributer in the Middle-East.